Linco JeT

Our standard range of direct fired burners. Typical nozzle-mix burner that uses ambient combustion air to create powerful stream of hot gases in your combustor or furnace. This burner is designed to improve temperature consistency, product quality, and overall system efficiency. The LincoJeT® burner is available in two variations; High velocity (HV) with a max. of 152 m/s and Medium Velocity with a max. of 125 m/sec.

Technical Features

Capacity:  90 - 600 kW (data-sheet LSB) and 1 – 28 MW (data-sheet LHG)
Working Temperature: Max. 1600 °C
Turndown Ratio: 1:50
Oxygen Enrichment: Max. 24 %
Rich (
λ = 40) & Lean (λ = 0.7) Combustion Options
Low NOx Emissions

Different Flame Tubes
Metal Alloy Tube: Max. 1050 °C
SiC Tube: 1300 °C
Refractory Tile: 1600 °C

Application Areas

  • Reheat Furnaces
  • Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Aluminium Holding Furnaces
  • Ceramic & Refractory Brick Furnaces
  • Rotary Furnaces
  • Tunnel Kilns
  • Incinerators

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