Blast Furnace gas burner by Linc incorporated Belgium
Leangas Burner by Linc incorporated Belgium
Leangas burnerLinc Incorporated Belgium
Blas furnace burner on steam boiler by L-inc incorporated belgium


Main charecteristics :

  • Firing with high stability without rich fuel support
  • designed for maximum thermal efficiency
  • Range : 1 – 60 MW
  • Performant and operational flexibility
  • Significant cost saver 

LOW LHV Fuels : blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, pyrolyse gas, process gas, ...

State-of-the-Art !

Burners using lean gas or residual gas generally comprise a number of coaxial ducts or pipes arranged to supply a ring or rings of fuels centred on the axis of the burner and feeding liquids to the burner nose. These fuels are generally distributed in or around the circumference of a combustion air stream. The purpose of these elements is to achieve a sufficient fuel-air mixture to achieve localised and stabilised combustion at the burner nose.

Applications :

  • Steel work plants, or power station burning process gas from steel industry
  • Hot or cold furnaces, boilers, combustion chambers, waste gas incinerators


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