By Pass Damper

Diverter dampers are best suited for applications where flow diversion (change of direction) is required. Isolation is fundamental and pressure drop must be minimized. Unlike louver and butterfly dampers that have blades that remain within the gas path during normal operation, flap-type diverter dampers have a design that inherently reduces pressure drop.

Flow diversion can be achieved by different combinations of equipment by utilizing a pair of louver dampers or a pair of guillotine dampers. While these options can be good for many applications, the flap-type diverter damper remains a preferred choice when tight shutoff, low pressure drop, safety, ease of installation and power consumption is taken into consideration.

flow diverter damper will direct gas to a waste heat recovery system or in by-pass mode through silencer or stack

  • can be produced with 1 flap (DIV) diverting the flow or as 2 flaps mounted in a T-piece (BPD)
  • flap, multi-louvre or butterfly design
  • Max. P : < 0,1 barg
  • Max. T : -30°C up to +600°C
  • DN300 – DN 2000 (bigger sizes on request)

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