Refractory Lined Dampers

Refractory-lined butterfly dampers are engineered to isolate and control high temperature process gas while reducing heat loss to ambient and providing erosion protection for the frame.

Cast or gunned internal frame refractory linings are available for butterfly-and guillotine dampers. Refractory anchors are welded to the frame in an alternating pattern.  Various seat configurations are available providing low downstream leakage.  A thermal barrier is provided between shaft and actuator to protect the actuator.

Blade designs are available with optional insulation jackets to reduce downstream heat loss.  Care is given in selecting and positioning bearings and packing to ensure operation.

  • Guillotine or butterfly single-or louver design
  • Up to +1280°C with low or negligible pressure 
  • water-or air cooled internal parts for high continious temperature possible
  • DN250 up to DN 1800

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