Butterfly Damper

Butterfly damper valves are single-disc dampers that are best suited for applications where flow isolation is fundamental. Unlike multi-bladed louver dampers, this single-bladed damper is less precise for modulation but is ideal for high-cycle on/off applications as well as harsh environments where abrasion, corrosion and dust loading are present.

Tandem butterfly damper configurations with seal air fan can provide complete isolation when the damper is shut and the seal air fan is in operation.

  • round, square or rectangular welded design
  • Size : DN 250 - DN3000
  • perfect for open/closed service or flow control balancing
  • Max. temperature :-30°C to +850°C
  • Max. pressure < 100 mbarg
  • Geometrical tightness   : 95% up to 99,7% or 100% with sealing air-or inflatable seat option

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