Special and customised

customised damper valves

LINC customised to order allows for the innovation capability to develop custom solutions for our customer’s needs.

High pressure, high temperature, special airflow regulation, high dust content, very corrosive- or other operational requirements.Whatever the application, we want to be your partner in developing the solution that meets your requirements.

LINC can assist you in determining the best option for your needs in order to minimize upfront damper costs as well as operational costs.

For example : water-cooled, stack damper, goggle, safety dampers (SIL)  

  • Stack dampers are multi-blade or single flap dampers that have been specifically designed for main outlet stack applications
  • Poppet dampers have been designed specifically to be used in typical fabric filter (baghouse) & RTO (regenerative thermal oxidiser) applications. They are designed for quick and frequent cycling times and tight shut-off.
  • Safety dampers to be part of SIL designed system
  • Water-cooled dampers
  • Goggle dampers, 100% tight for gas isolation in maintenance operations. Up to +200°C and differential pressures of 100 mbarg

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Our customers’ compliance with global sustainable value crea on is part of our responsibility. We deliver a tailor-made approach with quality and service in mind.