we execute,
we think, we listen,
we innovate
we all care

The company was founded in May 2020 by the three experts Martin, Ruben and Jan. They each have their own complementary background and expertise in thermal installations, and they have the same values and standards regarding sustainable value creation.

After countless meetings, they felt the same indomitable energy to take the plunge and started planning intensively.

Every sector has its own typical characteristics and applications, therefore it goes without saying that both our internal and external engineers are specifically trained.
The L-Inc® team listens to its customers, understands their requirements and knows exactly what they are talking about.


Leverage Incorporated by L-inc Chain of Energy
Ruben L-inc


chief executive officer
  • L-Inc’s mastermind & co-founder
  • Brainiac project manager
  • Punctual planner
  • Linked-in
Martin Kerschbaumer L-inc


COO (Chief Operations Officer)
  • L-Inc’s co-pilot & co-founder
  • Thinks along with your installation
  • Trustworthy through experience
  • Linked-in
Jan Van De Velde L-inc


CB(D)O (Chief Business Development Officer)
  • L-Inc’s Ambassador & co-founder 
  • op notch listener T
  • A barrel full of opportunities and solutions
  • Linked-in
Norbert L-inc


R&D board member
  • Expert-engineer
  • L-inc’s allround innovator
  • Thermal application wizard
  • Meticulous designer
Charlotte Administration and contact L-inc


CAO (Chief Administration Officer)
  • L-Inc®’s office factotum
  • Proactive administrator
  • Efficient and effective
  • Virtual reality
  • Linked In
Pierre L-Inc


CPM Chief Project Manager
  • L-inc eagle eye on projects
  • People coordinator
  • Quality procedure specialist
  • Flexible go-getter 
  • Linked-in