Maintenance and spare parts

L-inc combustion maintenance and spare parts

Well-maintained installations work longer, more efficiently and better. They also cost less. Safety and reliability are a direct consequence of regular inspections and periodic maintenance. Operating a thermal treatment plant requires experts who guarantee you complete peace of mind. L-Inc® ensures continuity and you save money and resources in the medium and long term.

'Maintenance' in this context has several subject areas and specific domains.


We keep some crucial parts in stock and have them immediately to hand in our service van. Current spare and wear parts are usually replaced immediately. Through our well-developed partner network, we have quick and reliable access to quality other components.

Preventive maintenance

By intervening in time, we work with you and your team to prevent costly downtime. We train employees and help you check systems and installations preventively. In this way, you extend the service life of your incinerator and significantly cut costs.

Refractory advice and expertise

The right refractory material, in the right place, properly applied and with the required thickness and specifications for the specific job, it seems an obvious one. We give advice, help you select the best refractory material and put you in touch with the expert who will then come and install it.

Burner management systems

We will find you the burner management system you have been looking for for years. Flexible and independent, contemporary and the best guarantee of complete monitoring.

Spare parts

Our portfolio includes all the necessary spare and wear parts.

Either we already have it on stock in our service bus, or we procure it within a short period of time. Fast. Reliable. High-quality.



Minimize downtime, optimise performance training your staff and regulary check the system, will extend the life of your combustion equipment and reduce cost



Advise with the selection of the proper refractory type, material & thickness specification in your process. we select & follow-up the right man for the job !


Burner Management System

Flexible & independent…the system you are expecting and waiting many years for…


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Our customers’ compliance with global sustainable value crea on is part of our responsibility. We deliver a tailor-made approach with quality and service in mind.