Regenerative Thermal

Chemic burner table

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO's) provide efficient control of VOC's and other contaminants from process exhaust systems, at temperatures between 800-900ºC. A chemical reaction of the air pollutant with oxygen under different temperature and residence time, destroys the pollutants in the air stream.

  1. The contaminant destruction efficiency depends mainly in the reactor temperature and the residence time on it.
  2. The reaction is exothermic.
  3. The heat generated depends on the contaminant characteristics (LHV) and concentration.
  4. The system could be operated in autothermic mode or with the addition of N.G of fuel, each case has to be analyzed

Autothermic Point: when the heat produced during the VOC’s oxidation is enough to maintain the oxidation temperature without external energy addition.

Below the autothermic point, heat should be added externally to maintain the oxidation temperature.

Above the autothermic point, heat should be evacuated from the system to avoid excessive temperature in the oxidation chamber.

  1. Oxidation chamber temperature is 800ºC.
  2. The residence time must be ≥ 0,6 sec.
  3. The contaminated air flow determines the oxidation chamber dimensions to obtain the minimum residence time.
  4. The optimal design for the lowest cost, considers the lowest consumption in the burner and the main fan

Advantages of RTO :

High VOCs destruction efficiency (oxidation temperature and residence time)

 2 Towers > 98% /  3 Towers > 99,5%

  • The destruction efficiency depends on è VOC nature  - Concentration  - Boilling point
  • It is valid for a great range of VOC concentrations (from 0 to 10 g/Nm3)
  • A gas with high moisture content is not a problem for the gas treatment
  • The NOx generated is minimum § High thermal efficiency (95-99%): lower OPEX
  • Low pressure drop: lower electric consumption of the fan
  • Low maintenance cost: Preventive maintenance allows high availability

Fully automatic operation with integrated security systems

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