our mission

We have the ambition to be the missing L-inc® to solve the environmental and energy issues of the industry by providing cutting edge thermal treatment technology. We deliver a tailor-made approach with quality and service in mind. Our customers’ compliance with global sustainable value creation is part of our responsibility.

missing L-inc® technology

  • solve environmental and energy issues
  • tailor-made
  • top quality & best service
  • sustainable value
what we do

We L-inc® thermal process installations to the world’s climate and energy challenge of today and tomorrow by leveraging waste and energy process, incorporating craftsmanship.

climate and energy challenge
leveraging waste
and energy process
thermal process installations
We believe that engineering only makes sense with an objective that is clearly defined in advance for you and your project.…
Installation & commissioning a complex plant requires specialist knowledge and experience. We have both, which is why…
Safety & reliability comes first when operating a thermal treatment plant. Our expertise combined with the latest…
Increasing energy efficiency, reducing operating costs, increasing availability. These are decisive reasons for converting…

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